Who is Gabriel G. Cohen?

Hello there!

Thanks for visiting. I'm Gabriel G. Cohen, a Montréal-based photographer (and lifetime hat enthusiast) who's fascinated by light and on a never-ending quest to capture the perfect moment.

I first discovered these passions while studying cinema and communications in college, where I took my first photography class. That pushed me to go work in the film industry where, for over 10 years, I got to specialize as a lighting technician on big budget movies and work with industry greats. It was an incredible experience and, since photography itself is all about how to capture light, one that was like no other in letting me develop my skills as a photographer.

Today I'm having an amazing time building GGC Photography to specialize in weddings, live events, corporate and product photography, as well as much more. I love a good challenge and I am tireless (read: stubborn) in coming up with creative solutions to the challenges posed by each unique project. 

I look forward to working on your wedding, special event or project.

- Gabriel